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What is Team Transformation?

Are You Ready For a Reset?

We have the best team!!

All of the women truly empower and support one another.
You will be amazed at the inches and pounds that Team Transformation members have lost.
Becoming part of my team is a life changing experience.
You deserve to be your best self today and every day.

Are you ready to learn more about my complete program?

Join Team Transformation!

Get ready to melt unwanted inches, build muscle, increase your energy, immune system & mobility.
Push yourself to places you never thought possible & get the results you want. 

"Team Transformation has given me the opportunity to bring you this new complete program package that offers everything you need to take your fitness to the next level."
Join Team Transformation!
*Join now and receive immediate access to a library of my pre-recorded virtual workouts, recovery sessions as well as my education meetings to learn learn about various fitness topics! You will also gain immediate access to my daily livestream workouts!
Each Week, you'll receive virtual access to:

1.Megan Fit ™️ programs include Peachy Lean, Love Handles, Punch Something, Zumba, 30 Minute HIIT, and United virtual events. You will also receive ongoing pre-recorded personalized workouts for targeted areas, foam rolling, stretching and meditation. Workouts can be done livestream on Zoom or recorded on demand on your own time. 

2. Enjoy private Facebook group access and emails for recovery workouts, supplement and product guidance, nutrition tips, recipes and optional weekly group and individual meetings! 
You will have access to the nutrition information, video meetings and workouts from the 2 previous sessions.

3. You will also receive pre-recorded workouts based on your goals as well as recovery and mobility workouts. I will give you optional video feedback and technique corrections so you can get the most out of your workout! 

4. Enjoy occasional guest speakers and instructors at our weekly group and individual Zoom meetings! Every weekly meeting is a fitness and wellness learning experience. 
5. Nutrition guidance from a Strong Nation Nutritionist, daily recipes and help with meal planning and substitutes for your favourite foods.

6. Mindful Meditation pre-recorded and livestream sessions. 
7. Ongoing access to me for questions and support!  

8. Camaraderie, accountability & constant motivation! Enjoy a supportive and empowered team environment. 


This is your year! Let's get you looking and feeling your best! 
No social media, no problem! I email everything out as well!
$ 100.00 CAD total for the 6 week program!
There are 2 ways to pay:
Or e-Transfer

Alone we are strong, together we are stronger!

Coach Megan

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